“Environmental Protection” Month has started

Scientists in the field of ecology from ancient times send us warning signs.

Currently, the attitude of mankind towards nature is causing a decrease in the number of certain species of flora and fauna. The worst thing is that in our everyday life we use objects that, in principle, are inconspicuous, but it is terrible that they destroy our nature.

People love to relax with their family in nature. Most of us with our family or friends have picnics in the forest, on the seashore, lakes or rivers. However, having enjoyed their rest, having eaten and drunk, they leave garbage in nature. These people think that they do not pollute the whole area with their waste, or try to hide them among plants, hoping that no one will see it.

At Karakalpak State University named after Berdah, November is the month of “Environmental Protection”, therefore, from the first days of November, preparatory work began at the Faculty of Biology.

On November 1 of this year, students of the Department of General Biology and Physiology took part in the month of “Environmental Protection”. Students of groups 3 A, B, D went to Ashshi Kol Lake, collected rotting plastic, bags, bottles left by people on the shore of the lake, and thus contributed to the cleaning of the Ashshi Kol neighborhood.

The reason for taking such measures was the fact that every year during the spring and autumn migration, birds fly to Ashshi Kol, and after rest and food continue their flight. If on the shore of the lake there are such plastics, bags and bottles, not only birds, but other animals can die, taking these items for food. That is why the group leaders D.Kochanov, I.Arepbaeyv and students collected plastics and bottles and took them to special places for garbage disposal.

We urge everyone to such an exemplary work.


                                                                                      student of Biology Faculty.