Practice makes perfect



     Pedagogical practice is an integrted part of the educational process, providing a combination of theoretical training of students with their practical activities. This allows you to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice and serves as one of the effective means of successfully preparing students for their future profession.

     The 4th year students foreign language and literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are having teaching practice at the academic lyceum of KSU, as well as at school No. 17 and specialized school No. 37 in Nukus. The practice supervisors are the head of the Department of English Language and Literature PhD. Z. Uteshova, senior teachers of the department F. Atashova, Y. Mamutova and other qualified methodologists of the department.

     We regard pedagogical practice as a part of a single educational process, which is responsible for the pragmatic component of the professional training of a foreign language teacher.


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