At the Faculty of Foreign Languages, a guide club called “United Guides” began its work

The students of the sphere of Translation and Interpretation Services of  the Department of Translation Theory and Practice of the Faculty of Foreign Languages   of our University, For the first time, under the leadership of our teacher Arzimbetova Sarbinaz,  opened a guide club and called it “United guides”. The purpose of this club is to prevent the destruction of the ancient, historical, fortresses of our ancestors in Karakalpakstan, and to be the first to provide our people with detailed information about them and introduce to other countries. In order to do this, our club plans to get more information about these castles and to study them. At the moment, our club is doing this theoretically and gathering information about our fortresses. As for Opening, the dean of the faculty Djavod Kurbanbaevich and the head of the department Seytjanov Jetkerbay congratulated us on the occasion and wished us  success . Our club showed the information, presentations, videos to the visitors. In the end, an interesting games were held to strengthen the audience’s understanding, and the winners were given gifts with their own logos. This event became  successful for this  club.



 A student of the Department of Translation Theory and Practice, Faculty of foreign languages

Abatova Dilbar

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